White Orange Onawa

White OrangeOnawa
White Orange are composed of three-quarters of '70s-inspired blues-rockers Black Pussy (vocalist Dustin Hill, guitarist Ryan McIntire and drummer Dean Carroll, plus bassist Adam Pike) and have become the repository for the collective's more psychedelic, trippy musical excursions. Their latest three-song EP, Onawa, closely follows the structure of a hallucinatory journey, from the initial voyage inwards to the blissfully disembodied separation of the self from the physical plane, to the jarring and even painful return to harsh reality. The heart of the record is the central track, "Either/Or," which is soaked in a supersaturated guitar tone and lifted up by soaring, ecstatic riffs. Thrilling and disorienting, this too short but dripping, druggy experience makes the listener ache for something longer, something with staying power. (Made In China)