The White Mandingos "Rubbertracks Meltdown"

The White Mandingos 'Rubbertracks Meltdown'
While hip-hop/hardcore blenders the White Mandingos, featuring Bad Brains bassist Darryl Jenifer and West Coast rapper Murs, deliver their conceptual debut LP The Ghetto Is Tryna Kill Me on June 11 through Fat Beats, the band are laying out their manifesto a little early via a stream of album track "Rubbertracks Meltdown."

Structurally, the song kicks off with the kinds of palm-muted guitar chugs and creepy-crawl drums that the Bad Brains first perfected with their ROIR cassette, while Murs delivers his lines with an MC's flow. The crunchy number tackles the music scene head on, dismissing the concept of moving units and "doing it for the cash" in favour of dabbling in whatever strikes your artistic fancy. As Murs spits of the project: "indie rap, pop punk, soul/yeah, we all that."