White Lung Set Debut Full-Length for Summer Release

White Lung Set Debut Full-Length for Summer Release
Following three excellent seven-inches, the departure and replacement of their guitarist and a North American tour with Nü Sensae, Vancouver, BC noise punks White Lung have finally put the finishing touches on their debut full-length album.

The record is called It's the Evil, and will be released by Deranged Records this summer. The album features ten brand new tracks and the single "Atlanta," which had its own seven-inch release earlier this year. The cover art (see above) was created by Justin Gradin, formerly of Mutators, and the track "Tale" features guest vocals from Nü Sensae drummer Daniel Pitout.

It's the Evil doesn't have a solid release date yet, as test presses for the vinyl still have to be approved. But look for it to drop at the end of June or beginning of July.

It's the Evil:

1. "Viva La Rat"
2. "Atlanta"
3. "Loose Heels"
4. "Two Seen"
5. "Elf/546 Kids"
6. "Psychoholic"
7. "Like Dad"
8. "Sleep Creep"
9. "Tale"
10. "Shoot"
11. "Wild Failure"