White Lung Return with Sophomore Album

White Lung Return with Sophomore Album
Two years ago, Vancouver punk quartet White Lung released their venomous debut album It's the Evil. The record gained them worldwide acclaim and even earned the coveted top spot of our 2010 punk year in review. With that in mind, it's safe to say many of us have been anticipating the proper follow-up. Thankfully, that sophomore effort will be available this spring.

Frontwoman Mish Way gave Exclaim! all the details and revealed that the album will be called Sorry, which will arrive on May 29 via Deranged.

"[The title] Sorry just worked with what it's about -- I apologize too much, it made sense," she says before adding, "Plus Kenny [McCorkell, guitarist] wouldn't let me call it Boys and Drugs."

Like the band's first LP, they entered the studio with the Hive's Jesse Gander to record album No. 2. Unlike last time, however, they broke the process up into three chunks of time.

"We have this really last-minute element about our band," Way confesses, "but it was like that last time too. I think I just realized it now. We're perfectionists so nothing would be good enough unless there was a deadline and this time, we had three."

The result, Way suggests, is "cohesive writing... We write as a unit now no matter how torturous that is. I worked really hard on melody on this record. It's unforgiving but it's melodic. I wanted that. At some points we were finishing songs the night before going to the studio. It was so immediate and really stressed. Every practice I wanted to quit. I was drinking a lot of wine."

Sorry certainly marks a shift in White Lung's sound, although Way says it wasn't entirely intentional. "Bands grow," she offers. "You're influenced differently, you know? I think what happened was pretty natural. I'm well aware some people who liked our last record will not like this one."

The tracklisting is below, along with a recent live performance of the track "Thick Lip."

The band also has a series of upcoming tour dates, including Canadian stops in Montreal, Toronto, London and Ottawa. The full schedule is available below.


1. Take The Mirror
2. St. Dad
3. Thick Lip
4. Bag
5. Bunny
6. I Rot
7. Glue
8. Those Girls
9. The Bad Way
10. Deadbeat

Tour dates:

4/13 Montreal, QC - TBA
4/14 Toronto, ON - Duffy's Tavern
4/16 London, ON - APK Live
4/17 Ottawa, ON - Babylon Nightclub
4/18 Montreal, QC - Il Motore
4/20 New York, NY - 538 Johnston Ave
4/21 New York, NY - The Acheron