White Lung, Nü Sensae, Needles//Pins Join Forces for Nite Prison Comp

White Lung, Nü Sensae, Needles//Pins Join Forces for Nite Prison Comp
When Jesse Taylor's not pummelling eardrums with his work in Twin Crystals, Shearing Pinx or countless other Vancouver-based projects, he is the brains behind the Nite Prison recording studio, a punk-friendly space in East Vancouver. Taylor has worked with many of the city's most notorious punk, noise and experimental projects, so its fitting that he's collected some of their work on the new Nite Prison Compilation.

"I got the idea came for the comp when i started having all these killer extra tracks that were left unused on bands' albums or cassettes," Taylor explains. "My hopes for achievement with the compilation are nill... I just wanted to put out some fucking amazing tracks that deserve to be heard."

Those tracks include alternate takes and never-released songs from numerous Vancouver luminaries, including White Lung, Nü Sensae, Needles//Pins, Defektors, Random Cuts, No LA Kill, Shearing Pinx, Modern Creatures, Twin Crystals and others. According to Taylor, the compilation is an accurate reflection of a "certain circle" in the city's vast musical landscape.

"The music community is very diverse here. I don't really record much of the beard rock metal scene," he explains. "Recently, I have been getting a few requests from hip-hop and dance groups which I always decline politely!"

Most of Nite Prison's recording clientele are young upstarts with a tight budget, attracted to Taylor's near-decade of engineering experience and modest $50-per-day fee. This was Taylor's intent since he opened the studio last year.

"I realized I had all this gear I had been collecting since i was a teenager, and put it all together and had something really lo-fi and punk. I wanted to build a studio that would be a home for punk bands and bands to record demos. I realized quickly that none of my friends could afford most of the real studios in town, so there needed to be a place for broke bands to record a demo or seven-inch."

More than willing to bang out a live-off-the-floor demo in one day, Taylor's secret love is to take his time.

"I love to engineer but my real love is getting to produce bands," he admits. "I never push producing but some bands you really click with and you get right in there. I always like to work as long as possible, which is why I charge $50 a day for recording. I want bands to stretch out and work over the course of a week or two. The results are always better."

The Nite Prison Compilation will be celebrated with an official release party on November 18 at Vancouver's Astoria, where White Lung, Twin Crystals, Defektors, Random Cuts, Juvenile Hall, Ahna, Modern Creatures and Aquanaut will all take the stage.

 Side A of the LP can also be streamed below.

Nite Prison Compilation:

1. White Lung "Rats"
2. Random Cuts "Sleepwalker"

3. Nü Sensae "Dubai For Now" (party mix)

4. Defektors "Black September" (Dead Moon cover)

5. Juvenile Hall "California Cutoffs"

6. Modern Creatures "Radiating Lust"

7. Phonecalls "Muddy Water"
8. Twin Crystals "Criminal"

9. Tight Solid "Meant You Let Me Go"

10. Needles//Pins "Tiny Little Tear"

11. Hari Legs "Landlines"

12. No LA Kill "Thrasher"

13. Impossible Babes "Alf House"

14. Pompoir "Serpentine 2"

15. Ahna "Stolen"

16. Fortress "Dead Bird"

17. Bleeder "Untitled"

18. Shearing Pinx "Macho Graves"