White Lung "Sleep Creep" (video)

White Lung "Sleep Creep" (video)
Vancouver, BC quartet White Lung, whose debut, It's the Evil , we recently named punk album of the year, have always had a chilling edge to their tunes, a quality that director Kenneth McCorkell has captured in the new video for "Sleep Creep."

McCorkell uses the song's title as inspiration for a totally low budget '80s horror flick, where the title character, decked out in a Scarecrow-esque burlap-sack mask, stalks our hapless heroine in her bedroom while she sleeps. Eventually, she's run down out in the woods, where her stalker steals her stuffed lamb-chop doll before she wakes up. Even with a running time of just two minutes and five seconds, it's scarier than the last four A Nightmare on Elm Street flicks combined.

White Lung have a lone show in Vancouver before the end of the year, with a trio of dates in Alberta next March. And stay tuned for an album stream of It's The Evil, here, starting January 11 on Exclaim.ca.

Tour dates:

12/11 Vancouver, BC - Pat's Pub
3/11 Calgary, AB - TBA
3/12 Edmonton, AB - TBA
3/13 Calgary, AB - TBA