Whiskeytown's Pneumonia and Ryan Adams's Love Is Hell Get Vinyl Reissues

Whiskeytown's <i>Pneumonia</i> and Ryan Adams's <i>Love Is Hell</i> Get Vinyl Reissues
Despite how fetishised vinyl records have become over the last several years, there once was a time when a label wouldn't have dared thought of reissuing its catalogue on the aged, analog format. Lost Highway Records was one of those imprints, and thus missed out on placing a number of iconic alt-country goodies on a wax platter the first time around. With the label now celebrating its tenth anniversary, a number of these gems will finally be able to hit your turntable.

Earlier this year, Lost Highway announced that it would be putting out a number of its classic albums on vinyl throughout 2011, starting with last month's pressings of the O Brother, Where Art Thou? soundtrack and Ryan Adams's Gold record. Though upcoming artists in the series include Johnny Cash and Elvis Costello, the label will also keep repping its boy Adams. Next up is a repress of Whiskeytown's Pneumonia, the last album Adams recorded with the group before going solo. It will be released April 12.

Lost Highway is also serving up a vinyl version of the singer's 2004 solo outing, Love Is Hell, on September 13. A full rundown of Lost Highway's 10th anniversary series can be found here.

As with all of the planned re-releases, both platters will be served up on clear vinyl.

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