Where the Wild Things Are Is Finally Here and So Too Is Exclaim!'s Review, Along with Write-Ups on Law Abiding Citizen, A Serious Man and More in This Week's Film Round-Up

<i>Where the Wild Things Are</i> Is Finally Here and So Too Is Exclaim!'s Review, Along with Write-Ups on <i>Law Abiding Citizen</i>, <i>A Serious Man</i> and More in This Week's Film Round-Up
It's Friday once again, which not only means a sweet two days of R & R, but a heaping helping of theatrical releases for you to read about in Exclaim!'s Recently Reviewed section.

You've patiently waited over half a hype-filled year since seeing Max frolic about with Wild Things to the tune of the Arcade Fire "Wake Up"'s in the trailer. Now, you can decide for yourself whether it was worth it by catching Spike Jonze's Where the Wild Things Are, which we here at Exclaim! deemed "a weird, touching, transcendent and sure to be timeless cinematic experience."

You should also catch Director F. Gary Gray's Exclaim!-recommended Law Abiding Citizen, an action thriller that exposes both the iniquities and loopholes in the American legal system by telling the story of a legally but unfairly incarcerated man (Gerard Butler). Fellow thriller The Burning Plain is also in theatres today and features both Charlize Theron and Kim Basinger at their finest, playing two women who are forced to suffer for their animal desires.

There are also three of this year's TIFF films getting wide release in theatres. Good Hair, Chris Rock's documentary about the African-American hair industry and the ways in which different hair is hierarchized by pop culture, as is the Coen brothers' latest, A Serious Man. Finally, director Tom Hooper's soccer bio-drama The Damned United, which profiles the downfall of Leeds United's Brian Clough, hits theatres as well.

As always, check out Exclaim!'s Recently Reviewed section for all the new theatrical releases.