Vincent Gallo When

Vincent Gallo is best known as the former model turned actor/director of such films as the dreary Christina Ricci starrer Buffalo 66 - and those who were paying attention may have noticed that he wrote and performed several songs on the film's soundtrack. But before he translates what critical acclaim it received into another film project, he's releasing this mellow, bossa nova-esque trip into sombre pop. And despite his inflated ego (including refusing interviews unless it's a cover story), When is quite good, an atypical, eccentric and occasionally atonal exploration of simple sounds and dissonant piano and guitar plinking. His whispery voice actually recalls another talented looker, jazz trumpeter Chet Baker, and it appears Gallo would love to surround himself with that sense of being fatally misunderstood. When is quite good, sadly in a way, because there's nothing cheaper than praising someone who's already convinced they're even better than you think they are. (Warp)