Whatever It Takes A Fistful of Revolution / Stars and Skulls EP

Featuring Chris #2 of Anti-Flag on guitar and vocals, this is a disc sure to interest their fans — and this attention is certainly well-deserved. Sounding less like Anti-Flag and more like Through Being Cool-era Saves the Day meets Strike Anywhere, this collection of Whatever It Takes’ two previous releases will likely please fans on all sides of the bands various influences, from emo to punk to hardcore. With over 19 tracks compiled for this record, there are certainly some more disposable tracks, though this breadth of selection allows for a greater idea of what it is that Chris #2, along with band-mates Chris Wharton, Kevin Incorvati, and Justin Wharton, are trying to achieve musically with Whatever It Takes. While "Green Light, Yellow Light, Stop” verges on straight-up pop punk, "Stars and Skulls” is more demonstrative of an old-school punk sound. Throughout the whole disc, however, it is apparent the amount of energy and honesty being poured into every note played by these four talented and passionate individuals. (A-F)