What Lies Within / Death Before Disco What Lies Within / Death Before Disco

California's What Lies Within kick off this fairly cool split EP with four songs of modern melodic hardcore. The band does a great job of mixing in melodies with aggressive hardcore, creating a sound that borders on metalcore but retains the sincerity that most bands within said scene lack. What they don't have in originality or staying power, they more than make up for with their solid delivery. Good things could be in store for What Lies Within's future. Belgium's Death Before Disco may have one of the stupidest band names ever, but they are much better than the name would imply. The band plays a more straight-ahead metalcore sound that would fit in well with what lots of American labels are pumping out these days; it's pretty good stuff, but pretty generic, and doesn't hold up well after the superior What Lies Within. For a split release with two unheard of bands, this is surprisingly enjoyable, but don't spend too much dough on it; save up for WLW's full-length. (Goodlife)