Wetnurse Wetnurse

I guess you’ve got to be from New York to fully appreciate the din of bands like Wetnurse. Their straight-up noise rock sounds like Unsane, but there’s much more lurking around on this pretty impressive, eight-song indie debut. Namely it’s vocalist Gene Fowler and his multi-faceted vocal attack that is equal parts vicious and annoying, cathartic and goofy. Musically, it’s all over the map from Voivod-esque dark prog metal to technical metalcore mathematics. Metalheads will find moments of comfort in the pseudo deal leads of "Idolized in Pink” and the chugging riffing of "Curse or Blessing,” but moments of confused alienation will no doubt ensue as the listener is left to wonder whether it’s time to laugh or mosh while the band goes on their journeys into the far left field of noise rock. Interesting, littered with moments of despair, frustration and annoyance, to life itself and to some of the sounds coming out of this band. A bit boring and difficult at times, but great for an indie. (Independent)