The Wet Secrets Rock Fantasy

An ear-licking photo taken after the consumption of one too many alcoholic beverages is what initially gave us the Wet Secrets, but something more than a drunken and hastily booked gig has kept a band that didn’t really exist together. Rock Fantasy, the follow-up to the Edmonton quintet’s Whale of a Cow, is an indie dance rock fan’s dream. Full of handclaps, shout-along group vocals and bleating horns, this record can only be described as a hot mess, but in the best way imaginable. Standout track "Secret March” even starts off with a whistle being blown, signalling the song’s parade-like aesthetic, and its simple, repeated lyrics add to the fact that it feels like it was just slapped together. But it’s obvious that this record wasn’t a last minute effort, because what could have sounded like noise at a rowdy house party ended up being the perfect blend of spontaneity and thoughtfulness. It’s a definite fantasy for any lover of rock. (Six Shooter)