Westminster Abbey Oh No, It's An EP!

The Westminster Abbey would have you believe that they are one of the most unique recording artists in recent times. They talk about adopting a DIY approach, but all that turns out to mean is they write their own songs, play their own instruments and co-produced their debut EP, Oh No, It’s An EP! While the band might think that they are something very special, they really aren’t. They play retro-sounding pop tunes with a heavy influence from the Kinks and the Who, but the production is so rough that it doesn’t really sound like a finished recording at all. That is also reflected in the packaging, which lists a couple of songs in the wrong sequence; a minor error, but it sort of sums things up. Despite some catchy songs, it is hard to imagine how they could possibly sustain their good moments over an entire album — even an eight-song EP seems like a stretch because only half the songs work. The Westminster Abbey are best enjoyed in small doses and until they address some of their issues in the studio this is probably the best they can do. (I Surrender)