Weezer to Release Deluxe Edition of Pinkerton This Fall?

Weezer to Release Deluxe Edition of <i>Pinkerton</i> This Fall?
Somewhere in the world, someone is waking up from a decade-long coma and wondering what the hell happened to Weezer. The response to the band's last five albums has been mixed at best, but there's no denying that their early work is still a touchstone for countless pop-minded rock bands. Now, it looks as if Weezer will be reissuing their 1996 classic, Pinkerton, this fall.

Consequence of Sound points to a new Amazon listing, which says that a deluxe edition of Pinkerton will be out on October 5 via Geffen. It's a two-disc set, although there's no currently no tracklist for the second disc. The collection is currently a rather pricey $40.99.

This Amazon listing is consistent with what guitarist Brian Bell told The Aquarian earlier this year. He said, "There will be more photographs and a really nice booklet that goes along with it. I believe some unreleased tracks that were recorded during that time." He name-dropped the "El Scorcho" B-side "Devotion," saying that it might be a possible inclusion.

Speaking about Pinkerton's initially poor reviews, he reflected, "That album has definitely taken on a life of its own and became more successful after the fact and more accepted. At the time, it wasn't, especially critically acclaimed. In fact, I think it was one of the worst records of the year by Rolling Stone that year, and then later it was hailed."

In the same interview, Bell spoke about a planned collection of Weezer rarities, saying, "That should be pretty good actually. There are a lot of songs that never saw the light of day and some of my favourite ones. There is a song called 'Waiting On You' I've always wanted to have on an album from our back catalogue. It's one of my favourite Weezer tracks ever, and I hope people get to hear that." (Listen to "Waiting On You" in the video embedded at the bottom of the page.)

Of course, this isn't the first time that Weezer have spoken about a tentative outtakes collection. Also, the Pinkerton reissue has been in the works for some time and we first reported on it back in July 2009.

In other news, longtime fans should brace themselves for another new Weezer album, which frontman Rivers Cuomo described as having "raw rock energy."