Weezer Stop by Third Man to Cut New Version of "Susanne"

Weezer Stop by Third Man to Cut New Version of "Susanne"
Jack White has yet another name to add to the ever-growing list of artists who have recorded at his Third Man Records facility in Nashville: Weezer.

Rivers Cuomo and company were in town to play a pair of shows over the weekend (April 5 and 6), and they went to Third Man to try out the nifty analogue recording booth. An Instagram video clip shows the group (minus drummer Patrick Wilson) packed into the cozy booth and harmonizing on an acoustic version of their classic '90s B-side "Susanne."

A subsequent clip shows Cuomo listening to the resulting vinyl record. It's tough to tell much from this cellphone recording, but the record sounds warped and warbly like everything made in the booth. In both clips, there are a lot of onlookers recording the proceedings, so it seems to have been a bit of a media circus.

A few black and white photos have also been posted on Tumblr.

There's no indication that Weezer recorded anything else while at Third Man, nor are we sure if they ever plan to release this version of "Susanne" commercially.

Weezer have been working on a new album as of late. They shared some teaser clips from the studio, and reports have indicated that they're once again working with Ric Ocasek of the Cars.

The lo-fi recording booth is the same one where Neil Young recorded his upcoming album.