Weezer Sign to Epitaph, Title New Album and Set Release Date

Weezer Sign to Epitaph, Title New Album and Set Release Date
Way back in April, we reported that alt-rock leftovers Weezer were considering a shift to an independent label now that their contract with Geffen has been met. The prediction has proven true, although they've chosen one of the biggest indies around. According to numerous reports, and confirmed by the label boss, Weezer have signed with Epitaph Records.

The news comes via Punknews, who point to a tweet from Epitaph label boss Brett Gurewitz, who wrote, "Rivers, Pat, Brian and Scott, Welcome to Epitaph homies! FT=W=".

Rather than wait around listening to the dead-stock Punk-O-Rama CDs they just inherited, Weezer are going to be kicking off their contract with a brand new album. Alternative Press confirms that the new Weezer record is called Hurley, and will be released by Epitaph on September 14.

Some conspiracy theorists have suggested that Weezer were releasing album after album of mediocre pop songs to complete their Geffen contract, meaning that this Epitaph debut will be their first decent album in years. In our minds, Geffen will still put out the best Weezer album when they reissue Pinkerton sometime this year.

Epitaph has confirmed the label will be releasing Weezer's Hurley.