Weezer Already Working on Follow-Up to Hurley

Weezer Already Working on Follow-Up to <i>Hurley</i>
Weezer's latest album, Hurley, only came out yesterday (September 14), but frontman Rivers Cuomo has other things on his mind. Just this morning, he told us about the band's upcoming Pinkerton reissue. Now, he's revealed that the group have already started work on a brand new LP.

"We just started working on our 10th record," he told the A.V. Club. "I was talking to the producer and he was saying, 'These songs sound totally different from Hurley. That was kind of dark and the new songs sound like you're 16, riding your bicycle to get a Slurpee.'"

Hurley is actually Weezer's eighth album, which makes Cuomo's reference to album number ten a little confusing. This means they've either got two new albums on the go, or he's referring to Death to False Metal, the band's planned B-sides collection. Given Weezer's prolific output these days, both explanations sound plausible.

There's currently no release schedule for the new album, but we're bound to hear new material soon. Cuomo said, "I'm constantly fighting with my manager to reduce the amount of time I have to spend on promotional activities, so I can get back in the studio and work on new music."