Weevie/Various Night Night: Deep Soul In Dub

Nighty Night is the mixed-tape ethos taken to the extreme. The man named Weevie has thrown everything into the kitchen sink here and given it a mighty stir. Classic soul joints both young and old, from the Meters to Erykah Badu to, uh, Donovan blend with spoken word samples to create a dubadelic masterpiece. If you're thinking Coldcut, you're only halfway there. The method is to record a live dub of each tune, make three or four passes, and dump the results down to a hard drive for further editing. Whereas Coldcut would do it all in real time, with precise, beat matched mixes, this is the Palmolive of dub: you're soaking in it. Tracks and samples bleed lazily into one another, songs start and stop, drop out — whatever it takes to wring the maximum amount of stoned grooves from each track. Although as the title suggests, the sound is sleepy, this was obviously the product of a great deal of work. To its credit, it sounds effortless. This has the feel of a great bootleg and bears a great deal of repeated listening. The only criticism that could possibly be levelled against it is that it's a bit on the long side. But spark up another one and you won't even notice. (Stoic)