The Weeknd Sets Up His Own Telephone Hotline

The Weeknd Sets Up His Own Telephone Hotline
The Weeknd has let loose a last-minute conceptual promo campaign behind his forthcoming Kiss Land LP that could have some lucky fans gabbing on the phone with the Toronto R&B singer.

An album trailer framed as a Japanese infomercial appeared yesterday (September 4), featuring a young woman talking up Kiss Land and promising that the Weeknd's "music make many happy times!" The footage of the lady throwing up the peace sign is intercut with pictures of cartoon cats and steamy, one-second sex clips. Due to the momentary blips of moaning and groaning, you may want to consider the vid NSFW.

Also unveiled in the video is the Toronto phone number 647-794-9223, which a voiceover encourages you to call. Spoiler if you do: it's a pre-recorded message from the Weeknd, thanking fans for making him a success. The earnest statement praises listeners for "fuelling this engine," and also has the Weeknd adding he's grateful for all the support, which has helped him go from being "homeless to travelling the world in such a short time." Late in the message, the Weeknd notes that whenever he has time, he'll give random callers a shout just to say "whattup."

The recording also revealed that he's been shooting a video for Kiss Land's penultimate track "Pretty," which we can expect to see sometime in the future. Keep your peepers peeled and give the guy a ring.

As previously reported, Kiss Land drops September 10.