Weeknd Associate Derek Wise Charged with Human Trafficking

Weeknd Associate Derek Wise Charged with Human Trafficking
In a disturbing bit of news, it seems that one of the Weeknd's XO associates may have been involved in some rather serious criminal activity. Derek Wise, a member of the Toronto rap crew Get Home Safe, has been charged with human trafficking.

The 22-year-old rapper, whose real name is Derek Bissue, was arrested on December 11. According to a police report dated yesterday (December 15), Bissue forced a 21-year-old woman to work as exotic dancer. She was allegedly assaulted and forced into the sex trade, before Bissue's attempt to take her money led to police getting involved.

Bissue is facing 15 charges. In addition to human trafficking, he's accused of making death threats, overcoming resistance by choking, carrying a concealed firearm, owning a restricted weapon, three counts of theft, and more. Bissue made a court appearance this past Friday. Police believe he may have other victims, so they have released his mug shot. That's it above.

Vice points out that Bissue's Twitter account previously listed him as an affiliate of the XO crew, but this was apparently changed yesterday (December 15).

Meanwhile, Bissue's manager Quincy Nanatakyi issued a statement to Vice asserting the rapper's innocence. It alleges that the accused is mentally unstable, and that Bissue was the victim of abuse and slander during a relationship with the accuser. The statement is below:

The investigation against Derek is both shocking and offensive. These accusations, which we take very seriously were brought to the police after Derek attempted to end an unhealthy relationship with a mentally unstable individual. Derek's character would not allow him to commit any of the allegations he is facing. Unfortunately, the mental health of his accuser is in question as well. During their relationship Derek was a victim of physical abuse, slanderous accusations, and was threatened that his career would be ruined by the same person who has now made these erroneous allegations. Having had to deal with these abuses before the investigation, Derek would never put anyone through the same pain he was forced to experience. Derek would like everyone to please understand that all slanderous accusations against him are completely untrue and he empathizes with ALL victims of any and every form of abuse. GHS also known as get home safe members and affiliates of Derek Bissue also known as Derek Wise do not promote any of the negative and horrendous claims brought against Derek. As a young man raised by a single mother who Derek found love and endless inspiration, he would never put himself into a situation that would cause harm to a woman. It hurts me to see my best friend and business partner in this situation. People change when they see someone close to them elevating their mindset and focusing on positive routes to success. I want all of his fans, friends and loved ones to send positive energy for this tiresome, somber, and ridiculous situation. Lastly, I want to state that due to the legal process I cannot disclose any more information at this time. Also please understand that there are two sides to every story.