The Weeknd "What You Need" (unofficial video) (NSFW)

The Weeknd 'What You Need' (unofficial video) (NSFW)
Late last year, a hot tip on Drake's blog pointed us towards the Weeknd, a mysteriously sexy new group from the T-Dot. Not much was revealed about the outfit beyond a couple of tunes, but the group's sultry blend of synths and steamy vocals teased and tantalized us all winter long. With the thaw upon us, this new, potentially fan-made vid for the eerily erotic slow jam "What You Need" will no doubt going melt the last bit of ice out of your underwear.

The clip finds a number of nubile couples stroking and caressing butts, visages and breasts, with static squiggles jutting across the screen as if this were a worn-out '80s porno. Meanwhile, those haunting, R&B-tinged vocals lilt atop a throbbing beat of clicked snares and sex moans.

The group tweeted that this video is a fake and pointed to the original, but the link comes up with a Nelly vid. Sexy with a sense of humour, it's a winning combination.

The Weeknd : "What You Need" (NSFW Hasselhoff edit) from Gunnar Andersson on Vimeo.