The Weeknd 'Echoes of Silence' mixtape

The Weeknd 'Echoes of Silence' mixtape
Yesterday (December 21), rumours began swirling that the Weeknd's third mixtape, Echoes of Silence, would drop before the night was through. Those rumours have now been confirmed, as the soul singer also known as Abel Tesfaye just unveiled the collection.

Although the mixtape arrived exactly when promised, the alleged cover art and tracklist that initially spread across the blogosphere turned out to be fake. You can see the real artwork above, and the tracklist below.

Head over to the Weeknd's website to download Echoes of Silence. Hopefully now that his mixtape trilogy -- which also includes the previously released House of Balloons and Thursday -- is finished, the dude can finally put out that "proper" debut.

Echoes of Silence:

1. "D.D."
2. "Montreal"
3. "Outside"
4. "XO/The Host"
5. "Initiation"
6. "Same Old Song"
7. "The Fall"
8. "Next"
9. "Echoes of Silence"