The Weeknd "The Knowing" (video)

The Weeknd 'The Knowing' (video)
Our neighbours to the south are busy with their Thanksgiving festivities, but there's no such rest for the Weeknd mastermind Abel Tesfaye. The Toronto singer just rolled out his first-ever official music video for the House of Balloons track "The Knowing." This follows a string of unofficial clips based on songs by the highly-buzzed R&B singer.

As previously reported, the video was helmed by director Mikael Colombu. This is more than just your average music video -- it's a near-eight-minute epic that's based on a futuristic vision of the world in the year 16311. The planet is called Ethio X, which is a nod to Tesfaye's Ethiopian heritage; fittingly, former Ethiopian leader Haile Selassie is featured here.

The video includes lots of shadowy and surreal imagery that fits nicely with the mournful soul crooning. If you feel like you've been waiting for a long time to see the Weeknd's first official visual, this won't disappoint.

Be forewarned that there's a bare butt, so if your work doesn't approve of that sort of thing, consider this NSFW.