Weekend Dads Weekend Dads

Weekend Dads are the latest act to join It's Alive Records, marking their debut with a Halloween EP release. The Maritimers are also the latest group to keep the lineage of homegrown Canadian pop punk flowing (hailing from Moncton, NB). The band acknowledge that their brand of formulaic, fast pop punk mimics the general structure of most others in their genre. But their assertion is questionable, as dual vocals, with an awesome juxtaposition of gruff vocals against a higher-pitch nasal croon, and super-charged, hook-filled anthems beg to differ. Lyrically, their songs are simple, leaving room for creativity. "Feedback My Heart" features bagpipes in the chorus and "Desperation Mart" contains strategic start-stops, with a catchy melody. Group vocals on "Erase My Brain" make it a standout track, winking in the direction of bigger, more intricate things to come from the Canadian punks. For now, these four simple pop punk anthems from Weekend Dads are not to be missed. (It's Alive)