The Week in Comments: Exclaim!'s Reader Feedback Roundup with Tom Gable, "Grunge Rock" Mickey, Iggy Pop

The Week in Comments: Exclaim!'s Reader Feedback Roundup with Tom Gable, 'Grunge Rock' Mickey, Iggy Pop
It's time for another edition of Exclaim!'s Reader Feedback Roundup. This week saw you guys sounding off on a bunch of different topics, and here's just a taste of what went down.

In perhaps the biggest story to hit the music world this week, Against Me! lead vocalist Tom Gabel publicly announced plans to begin living as a woman named Laura Jane Grace. Some of our readers were philosophical about the transition. ScallywagNYC observed, "Which is to say one's identity isn't always attached to what lies between one's legs…" Other readers simply expressed their support for the singer's choice, writing "And the Brave Sonofabitch of the Year Award goes to..." and "HERO."

Then there was the cringe-worthy news of a "grunge rock" Mickey Mouse toy, which looks suspiciously like Kurt Cobain. One reader likened this commercialization to the 2Pac projection at Coachella earlier this year. "Jes' waitin' for his hologram to tour," said Phil, while other commenters got a little more apocalyptic. Dan Lather wrote, "The End is here. We're just spinning in circles now."

Iggy Pop was also in the news again this week for his collaboration with Top 40 artist Ke$ha and his spat with record label Virgin EMI. A picture ran with the article showing Iggy in his trademark bare-chested pose. Reader Doug quipped, "It's good to see that Iggy doesn't even wear a shirt when he's in the studio. He must save so much money."

Toronto-based singer Simone Schmidt of alt-country band One Hundred Dollars, meanwhile, drew some responses with news of her solo project Fiver. Clever reader, Adam Eh, commented on our Facebook post, "Wow, that's a significant devaluation from $100 to a fiver."

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