The Week in Comments: Exclaim!'s Reader Feedback Roundup with Soundgarden, Bob Dylan and Faunts

The Week in Comments: Exclaim!'s Reader Feedback Roundup with Soundgarden, Bob Dylan and Faunts
Photo: Fil ZuZarte
Another week of Exclaim! music coverage means another edition of the Reader Feedback Roundup. The last chunk of days our readers had a lot to say, as usual, and here's a sampling of what went down.

On the weekend, Soundgarden played the Phoenix in Toronto and received a modest review — something that didn't sit well with some fans of the band. Commenter Mirror Zen said, "This reviewer is obviously lost in superficialness of cliches and doesn't understand it's always about the song & not how the artist can wail, look or act on stage- fuck you!" To which Boogers simply replied, "HEYY! TONE 'ER DOWN, PONTIAC!"

Pieman also added, "Agreed re Black Hole Sun being a boring slog… Unfortunately that song both ruined and made Soundgarden, establishing a new fan base that thought they were cool, easy going rockers their girlfriend's could dig, while previous fans were left going who are these guys? Thankfully they returned to their roots with following albums but that song followed them around and is still played relentless only radio for some reason…"

Also taking the stage in Toronto last week was Bob Dylan, who received a rather positive review. In response, Llygra said, "I love Dylan but he is no longer fit to be touring. It sounds like he's singing in a different language. He is too close to the mic at times and it hurts the ear to listen to him. He changes the melodies of his popular tunes to the point that they are no longer recognizable. It was a horrible performance. Knopfler on the other hand was excellent."

Despite some negative feedback about the show, Jack Frost said, "I've read so many negative reviews of the show. I overheard so many people asking which song he was playing. I felt out of place. Were me and my buddy the only 2 fans enjoying what we were hearing? I still have the way he delivered 'Blowing in the Wind' stuck in my head. It was beautiful. Joey was amazing tangled up in blues rock, the reverb on 'Ballad of a Thin Man' added a nice touch of psych and 'Visions of Johanna' was a huge highlight. I'm beginning to feel that most of Dylan's negative reviews come from people wanting to be the first to say Dylan was bad. Like that time at the Newport Festival where he was so bad they wanted to pull the plug on his set. I can't wait until the next Dylan show to hear how so many people missed out on what was actually a great concert."

Lastly, Faunt's Left Here Alone EP stream had some love. Nate said, "Yes Finally!" while Jason exclaimed, "So Good!" and Kaden said, "Alarmed is exactly what I hoped it would be: A throwback version of Alarmer/Lights. Truly fantastic."

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