The Week in Comments: Exclaim!'s Reader Feedback Roundup with Skrillex, Propagandhi, Baroness

The Week in Comments: Exclaim!'s Reader Feedback Roundup with Skrillex, Propagandhi, Baroness
As always, we take a look at the conversations and debates sparked by our daily news cycle with Exclaim!'s Reader Feedback Roundup. So keep on reading to get an idea of what stories in the music world had people talking this week.

First up, Exclaim! readers were pretty excited about Monday's announcement of a new album from veteran Winnipeg punk outfit Propagandhi. On Facebook, Swear ToMe spoke for many fans when he simply said, "Fuck yeah!" while Lee Hughes shared the article and added, "STOKED!!!! Thank you fellas!!" In response to our @exclaimdotca Twitter account releasing the news, @jptruman said, "This may be the greatest tweet in the history of twitter."

Next, we covered American dubstep powerhouse Skrillex's recent Quebec City concert, which brought out some of the DJ's detractors and supporters to the comments section. "Too bad he plays some files on iTunes," said DiscoBeat. Hagstrom also seemed bewildered by our positive review, asking, "What is he actually doing that is 'performing'? Aren't the real performers his effects/lighting/staging people? He just shows up and pushes buttons right?" Jeremy countered, "The fact that you said 'He just shows up and pushes buttons right?" is a pretty clear indication that you have no idea what it is to mix and remix music live."

Over on the Exclaim! TV YouTube channel, we premiered Aggressive Tendencies, our new series focusing on heavy music. In the first episode, we interviewed John Baizley of Savannah, GA progressive metal group Baroness and received thousands of views. "Now there's somebody that I would love to have a beer with and shoot the shit, really intelligent and passionate guy," commented Teabagoftruth. ErikAllenAwake replied, "Having met him after a show a few years back, not only is he intelligent and passionate, but he's friendly as hell." Of course, there's always one Debbie Downer and TheGreaterGood80 complained, "Shame to have that godawful techno pop blaring in the background."

Finally, a lot of readers were happy about Dine Alone Records signing Vancouver musician Hannah Georgas last week. "Awesome pickup from Dine Alone! Go Hannah!" said Cancon Is the Best. Xenon agreed, saying, "Still can't get over how good this single is. dine alone + hannah = the best match."

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