The Week in Comments: Exclaim!'s Reader Feedback Roundup with the Polaris Music Prize Short List, Refused, Sebadoh

The Week in Comments: Exclaim!'s Reader Feedback Roundup with the Polaris Music Prize Short List, Refused, Sebadoh
There are always lots of colourful comments in response to the posts on, and every week we gather up some of the funniest and most interesting ones for our Reader Feedback Roundup. To get a taste of the popular stories and contentious issues currently starting conversations in the world of music, look no further.

First off, after the announcement of the Polaris Music Prize short list, Exclaim! readers sounded off on who they felt should have been included and who should have been left off the selection of nominees. "What about Sandro Perri?????" asked Whodecidesanyway?, while JP wondered, "Why is Drake on this list???" JimJim noted that "the long list was loaded with French releases yet not a single one made the shortlist." Echoing that sentiment on Facebook, Émile Foucher said, "Je demande officiellement un nouveau réglement stipulant un minimum d'au moins 1 album francophone dans la liste courte!" which translates to "I officially demand new regulations stipulating a minimum of at least 1 French album in the short list!"

However, not everyone was wholly disappointed with this year's picks. Amid an onslaught of complaints on our Facebook page, Dave Sills said, "Great to see Kathleen Edward's Voyageur on the short list -- amazing album!" Joel Dalton was also happy about one of the choices, saying, "Cadence Weapon deserved it." Playing on the title of the new Cold Specks album, RHUmBA joked, "I predict... a graceful expulsion will win."

Next up, groundbreaking Swedish hardcore legends Refused touched down in Toronto for a two-night stand at the Sound Academy during their reunion tour and we covered the first show. The review discussed opening act OFF! and mentioned frontman Keith Morris's balding dreadlocks. SF griped, "Thanks for your thoughts on Morris' hair. Highly relevant. Jerk ass," to which Joe Fill shot back, "I thought the description of Morris' hair was accurate, jerk ass." Over on Facebook, Sarah Moteelall said she's "seeing them tonight; can't wait."

Finally, many readers were excited about the new EP from Lou Barlow's classic indie rock band, Sebadoh. "Right on, love Sebadoh and all they do. Lookin' forward to the show at the 'Shoe!" said Peter. Dennis was also looking forward to the upcoming Canadian tour dates and added, "I still can't believe they're playing Hamilton. I was even more shocked when I saw Dr. Disc was still selling tickets last weekend! Get em' while you can people!"

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