The Week in Comments: Exclaim!'s Reader Feedback Roundup with Ministry, AIDS Wolf, 3 Inches of Blood

The Week in Comments: Exclaim!'s Reader Feedback Roundup with Ministry, AIDS Wolf, 3 Inches of Blood
This week, we have once again compiled a list of some of the most contentious discussions going down on the interweb about Exclaim! stories. From band break-ups to new albums to Madonna attempting to make drugs cool, we listened to what you had to say and collected the best (and worst) of the week in our Reader Feedback Roundup.

Earlier in the week, Exclaim! delivered a stream of industrial heroes Ministry's new LP Relapse, spurring on fan reviews that ranged from "bad" to "badass." Slugworth noted: "Nothing impressive, nothing innovative, nothing ground-breaking. But Al is still the man and always will be so it's more than forgivable," while Chris got so excited that he seemed to forget about punctuation when he said: "Dude this shit is sick as fuck goddamn haters go smell yourselves fucking al kicks ass love this man and this band." Amongst a couple remarks about being excited to catch Ministry live in the next little bit, Jules has bigger aspirations for the band's frontman, commenting: "Git up get out n' vote for Al Jourgensen for Senator!!"

Canadian metalheads 3 Inches of Blood also streamed a new album this week, with Long Live Heavy Metal garnering appreciation from many of their followers, including Mike Page on Facebook, who said: "Thank You Exclaim! You made my metal filled morning!" Bender B Rodriguez, however, was a tad more upset about the band's upcoming shows, complaining: "if they want metal to live they should stop charging $20 a show... who do they think they are... the eagles?" -- although, we're a bit skeptical about where he found Eagles tickets for $20.

Elsewhere, we reported on Madonna continuing to act like Madonna, making MDMA references (presumably to support her new record MDNA) as she introduced Avicii at the Ultra fest in Miami. This spawned the wrath of deadmau5 who dubbed her a "fucking idiot." She did, however, get a bit of half-hearted sympathy on Twitter from @brockpapers who tweeted: "Poor Madonna tryin to be hip."

Finally, this week's undisputed champion in generating online talk was the news that AIDS Wolf decided to end their run as a band. Numerous fans leaped to the band's defence, praising their live shows and ability to differentiate themselves from the mainstream, though there were equally as many happy to see the outfit disband. Hagstrom suggested that they "should have learned to write actual songs, assholes," whereas Doc Prickles proclaimed: "Awesome band, awesome people, just awesome! Thanks AIDSwolf for unfettering our fetters and uninhibiting our inhibitors!"

Things got heated, though, with Wolfgod challenging the haters to show some respect with: "I'd like to see you say these horrible things in person, where you'd have to answer for your statements, not just hiding behind the internet like some little wussies. fuck you !!" To be fair, hugs shot back: "Nice one, Wolfgod. You've successfully demonstrated that Aids Wolf fans are just as dick-ish as their detractors. Glad to see you are not ignorant, show respect and do not hide behind the internet!" Whatever your stance on AIDS Wolf might be, it's safe to say that this band definitely left an impression on a lot of Canadian music fans.

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