The Week in Comments: Exclaim!'s Reader Feedback Roundup with Hillside Festival, Mad Season, White Wires

The Week in Comments: Exclaim!'s Reader Feedback Roundup with Hillside Festival, Mad Season, White Wires
Every Wednesday, we sort through the steady stream of comments surrounding the headlines on with our Reader Feedback Roundup. Here are some of the stories that generated conversation and sparked debate this week.

For starters, our coverage of the 29th annual Hillside Festival in Guelph, ON, included live Twitter updates, show reviews, a Facebook photo album and more. We even presented a few sets at the event. "Shout out to all the Exclaim!-sponsored acts -- they kept us on our feet. Doldrums, Rich Aucoin and esp Chad VanGaalen. THANKS EXCLAIM. Great line-up," said Bob Millar.

After we posted the Exclaim! TV session of Badbadnotgood's Hillside performance, Pistolwhip Von Shankenstein said, "Atsuko Kobasigawa's photos were so good that it was like being there." On our YouTube channel, FoxydoK said the video was, "One of the many highlights of this beautiful weekend! Incredible."

Next up, Exclaim! readers got nostalgic for days of long hair, flannel shirts and ripped jeans when grunge band Mad Season enlisted ex-Screaming Trees frontman Mark Lanegan to replace the late Layne Staley on vocals for their upcoming reunion album. On Facebook, Adam Sabla said, "What am I in 9th grade all over again," while Gino Rivas Rosas also reminisced, "Sweeet!...feels like I'm 15 again and this is the mid 90's." Kevin Hainey was cynical about the news and asked, "Did anyone like Mad Season their first time around? I mean, really? What's next, Candlebox reunion tour?" Responding to the sarcasm, Robin Kisler said, "Some of us still like grunge music compared to most of the twangy crap you hear today."

Over at our Click Hear section, the poppy new album from Ottawa garage punks the White Wires, WWIII, was available to stream ahead of its July 31 release date and received a big response. "IAN KICKIN ASS," said David Joseph of singer and guitarist Ian Manhire. Meanwhile, D referred to a song from the White Wires 2010 album, WWII, when he said, "Sadder but still great. Still wanna go to the beach."

Finally, the El Mocambo was sold for $3 million, and we asked our Facebook fans what changes they'd like to see at the historic Toronto venue. "Just get that awesome palm tree sign re-lit, and all will be good!" said Tim Reed. Brent Peers was happy that veteran booking agent Yvonne Matsell will stay on despite the change in ownership, and simply said, "Yvonne :)"