The Week in Comments: Exclaim!'s Reader Feedback Roundup with Chris Brown, INXS and 'Lincoln'

The Week in Comments: Exclaim!'s Reader Feedback Roundup with Chris Brown, INXS and 'Lincoln'
Not a week goes by without interesting discussions here on Below you can check out a few of the highlights of what readers had to say this week.

In news, an upcoming Chris Brown concert in Stockholm, Sweden, was protested via a postering campaign that used a photo of Rihanna taken after her assault by Brown. The article brought on plenty of reactions from readers.

Felix said, "First of all, who the fuck decodes whether an individuals crafts is good or not based on the actions of their past? Doesn't change if his music makes you feel good or not. He perished for what he did to her, which was his karma. And he gre up in a house where his mom was beaten numerous times. He repeated the act and paid for it, it was three years ago. Live your lives. And let him live his."

Rebecca fired back with, "Not everyone can forgive such a heinous act. It's inexcusable, no matter the time period since it happened, and why he did it. He did it, period. No one owes it to him to move on, and if people don't want a person who beat up his girlfriend to be so popular and get so much money they have the right to express it. We have a culture that accepts that men beat women, sure they'll get screamed at, but then we'll turn around and say things like you, Felix, that it was in the past, we should let it go. We give them a pass, and tell others that it is okay. Is that what we should teach young men and women? That it's okay to use violence towards one another, and that it'll be okay in the end? I've been assaulted while people cheered on, so I'm not going to be okay with an abuser being cheered on by thousands in my own country. It'd be the same if it was Eminem or Sean Penn, it's disgusting the pass they've been given."

Also in news, INXS called it quits as a live band after 35 years in music. Commenters showed that they were glad to hear this news. Jay said, "Thank fuck," while Troy suggested that it, "Should have happened 15 years ago. The guy from the reality show sounded like a guy from a reality show." DuckDuckGrayDuk added, "INXS breaking up after 35 yrs. I would have picked a better time. Maybe after lead singer died waiting away with a noose around his neck."

In the theatres now, the movie Lincoln, directed by Steven Spielberg, received a poor review from our writer, leading readers to chime in. Fred R. agreed with the review, saying, "This film truly was awful to sit through. Painful, really. With such an iconic figure and such rich history to draw from, I don't understand why Spielberg didn't do more with this film."

Others judged the way the review was written. Commenter jimmy said, "YOU ARE SUCH A NERD — Is this a movie review? Or are you just trying to use big words to try and tell everyone the movie isn't good." Jeff B. defended with, "Jimmy — If you're looking for film reviews that are better suited for your grade 8 education, there's always those fun magazines they hand out for free at the TTC entrances. I suppose I can see how anything beyond 3-4 sentences containing words larger than 8 letters would be scary for someone that still calls a person a nerd. I made the unfortunate mistake of seeing this film on Saturday night and can safely say this reviewer was spot-on. Anyone that finds this film Oscar-worthy should be kicked in their vagina."

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