The Week in Comments: Exclaim!'s Reader Feedback Roundup with Billy Corgan, Die Antwoord, Cancer Bats

The Week in Comments: Exclaim!'s Reader Feedback Roundup with Billy Corgan, Die Antwoord, Cancer Bats
This week Exclaim! has once again rounded up feedback from some of our more expressive readers. Whether you agree with a review, appreciate a new album stream or just want to hate on Lady Gaga, we welcome the discussion.

When we reported that Calgary record shop the Inner Sleeve had purchased a portion of CBC's CD and LP archives, people were pretty impressed. @MikeLunoBand remarked on Twitter: "Wow, good collection!" although @thewindowbird was a tad more disappointed, tweeting: "But... but I wanted them!" Things in the comment section got a bit more heated with jteezy posting: "THIS IS AMAZING, I NEED TO SEE THIS PLACE. also, thanks for the fighter jets harper, we totally hate having public radio. I'm sure the oil and overseas terrorism will be worth the lack of sweet sweet canadian grooves being boradcasted when you shut down the cbc for good. gaaah." Fellow poster Dack Hoober retorted with, "Harper had NOTHING to do with this, dicks!" Regardless, kudos to the Inner Sleeve.

Meanwhile, for those who thought that Die Antwoord and Rufus Wainwright had nothing in common, think again. They both lashed out at Lady Gaga this week, the former turning down an offer to tour with her and Wainwright simply stating that Gaga doesn't have a single good song. With Die Antwoord referring to Lady Gaga's music as "weak, superficial shit" commenter SA Citizen challenged them with: "you guys are tweeking your voices and there is much alteration in your music how dare you say you have 'soul'..." As for Wainwright's accusations, commenter electricbixxh shot back: "Rufus, your only good songs have been a Jeff Buckley cover and possibly Cigarettes and Chocolate Milk. I wouldn't talk."

Elsewhere, Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan lamented the current state of music, due to "poseurs" and "strippers" taking it over. He doesn't seem to have garnered much sympathy, though, as feedback ranged from donked stating: "Waa Waa Waa....Baby biwwy cry" to, um, Jesus claiming that "Billy Corgan is a bitch."

Finally, the Cancer Bats took on Exclaim! TV in an eating contest for their signature Destroyer dish at Sneaky Dee's, which spurred some mixed reactions. Jennifer Blair on Facebook proclaimed: "Truely Canadian!!! Nice. everyone should have their own poutine!" while NoelWavey simply commented: "I feel sick."

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