The Week in Comments: Exclaim!'s Reader Feedback Roundup

The Week in Comments: Exclaim!'s Reader Feedback Roundup
Here at Exclaim! we encourage all kinds of discussion from the safety of behind your computer screen. Were you terrified by the latest Odd Future video? Do you think that the hilarity of Adam Sandler's latest film has been lost on our reviewer? Digging a new album stream? Let us know! We've rounded up some of the most, uh, interesting things people had to say about recent Exclaim! stories and compiled a handy list for those of you who haven't been trolling the internet.

First up, quirky popster Grimes is currently featured on the cover of Exclaim!, though it seems to have misled some like @musicgalleryTO, who tweeted: "Hey! Henry Grimes is on the cover of @exclaimdotca this month! (Squints) Wait a minute..."

Meanwhile, acoustic troubadour B.A. Johnston's Exclaim! TV performance of "Sesame Street Fight" generated some musings of its own. Facebook user Witch Ever proclaimed, "Wow that is a very realistic looking muppet!" Jeremy Futter, on the other hand, recounted the following memory of a past Johnson performance: "I remember B.A. walking out of the club, leading the entire audience with him and continuing the performance while rolling around half naked on a needle-strewn [Vancouver] street. What a performer!" Indeed.

Bruce Springsteen has been hard to ignore lately, having recently put out new tracks each day leading up to the release of his new album Wrecking Ball. Springsteen's Facebook page posted a link to Exclaim!'s coverage of the new tracks, and a little bit of contention arose. Fan Diana Sosa complained that she paid "a lot of money for tickets here in nashville" to see the Boss, but the show "blew my ears, too much Bruce, there is no need to be that loud, it hurts and didn't enjoy the concert." Lisa E. Jankowski chimed in saying that her brother had seen a Bruce concert where the stage lights were set up in such a way that it was "like looking into the sun." In a bizarre turn of events, Australian pasta bar Studio Pangrazio stepped in to keep the peace, posting: "I'm sure bruce wouldn't be happy with stuff like this on his wall."

Finally, our review of the film Good Deeds sparked a tiny bout of rage from MsVirgoCree, who commented: "Did you say WIFE? Did you say HUSBAND? You IDIOT, GO BACK AND LOOK AT THE MOVIE. No one was MARRIED in this movie. You need your ass kicked for this post. I guess you don't have anything else to do huh? ...Because you have just made a fool of yourself. NO ONE IN THIS MOVIE WAS MARRIED ASSHOLE!!" Our reviewer politely suggested consulting a psychiatrist, while fellow Exclaim! poster NotAfricanAmerican bravely piped up to retort: "Regardless of whether or not Wesley and Natalie were married or engaged, it was still a God awful movie!"

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