Weegs Meat the Weegs

This is a beautifully strange album from this Bay Area band, and it fits right in with the rest of the Hungry Eye repertoire of early ’80s punk, damaged new wave and death-rock. The Weegs produce a spastic sound that hits all the right post-punk angles. This is a jarring debut, and though the jerky rhythms might take some getting used to, by the middle of the album it becomes evident that something good is going on here. And don’t be fooled by the bad play on words with the title Meat the Weegs, the photo of a big slab of meat on the album cover, or the silly song names like "The Ballad Of Shitty McCoolie.” For all the questionable humour that is thrown in here, this band edges on a darker side with a style that clashes and cringes, incorporating hints of the bizarre into their work. This release sets a new standard for the Bay Area scene. Hopefully the dissonance will continue. (Hungry Eye)