The Wedding Present Release Live in Tokyo, Reissue Live 1989

The Wedding Present Release <i>Live in Tokyo</i>, Reissue <i>Live 1989</i>
In the spring, tireless indie pop rockers the Wedding Present went on a North American tour to celebrate the 21st anniversary of their sophomore LP, Bizarro. Now, the group are reliving that tour with a live album, Bizarro: Live in Tokyo 2010. They will also follow it up with a CD reissue of their early fanzine cassette Live 1989.

As Slicing Up Eyeballs points out, Bizarro: Live in Tokyo 2010 was recorded on May 7 at Tokyo's Shibuya O-West concert hall and features a complete performance of the ten-song Bizarro. It was recently released on iTunes.

Next up, on October 18, frontman David Gedge will put out the band's Live 1989 through his own label, Scopitones. This is a reissue of two cassettes sold at live gigs and through the band's fanzine in the late '80s. It's the latest of a series of reissues that includes Live 1987 in 2007 and Live 1988 earlier this year.

Live 1989 has been remastered and will be available as a double CD. According to the label, "Here at Scopitones we have decided not to sell the CD by mail-order from our web site for the moment and ask you to please support your local record shop and buy a copy there instead."

This is a nice sentiment, but it could pose a problem for North American fans: October 18 is the British release date, and there's currently no word on the album's availability on this side of the Atlantic.

See the tracklists for both albums below.

Bizarro: Live in Tokyo 2010

1. "Brassneck"

2, "Crushed"

3. "No"

4. "Thanks"

5. "Kennedy"

6. "What Have I Said Now?"

7. "Granadaland"

8. "Bewitched"

9. "Take Me!"

10. "Be Honest"

The Wedding Present, Live 1989

Disc 1: Live at  Manchester Middleton Civic Hall

1. "Katrusya"
2. "Davni Chasy"

3. "Sertsem I Dusheyu"

4. "Oi Divchino"

5. "Vasya Vasyliok"

6. "Hude Dnipro Hude"

7. "Zavtra Ya Buda Did Nebom Chuzin"

8. "Buv Holodin, Konya Vrkraw"

9. "Vesna"

10. "Tiutiunyk"

11. "Cherez Richku, Cherez Hai"

12. "Svitit Misyats"

13. "Hopak"

14. "Verkhovyno"

Disc 2: Live at Frankfurt Batschkapp

1. "Brassneck"

2. "Don't Talk, Just Kiss"

3. "Kennedy"

4. "Granadaland"

5. "Bewitched"

6. "Everyone Thinks He Looks Daft"

7. "I'm Not Always So Stupid"

8. "Crushed"

9. "Gone"

10. "Give My Love To Kevin"

11. "My Favourite Dress"

12. "Take Me!"

13. "What Have I Said Now?"