Weathered Pines Bedroom Demos

Weathered Pines <i>Bedroom Demos</i>
Vancouverite Marissa Johnson plays in more bands than we can keep track of, among them No Kids and the wonderful Dizzy Eyes. Now that the latter are on a hiatus, she's found time to return to the sweetly sung country of her Weathered Pines project.

Weathered Pines released an excellent album called The Sky Between the Buildings in 2010 and seemingly slowed things down since then. Now, Johnson has holed up in her bedroom to bring us five demos of new material.

As she writes on the BandCamp page, "I made it in my bedroom. Please excuse the odd missed tambourine hit, wacky note or out of tune guitar! Also, as you may have gathered, I do not own a drum kit!" Despite the disclaimer, her songwriting and vocal abilities are as sharp as ever.

Stream Bedroom Demos below.