We Are the City "Keep On Dancing" (video)

We Are the City 'Keep On Dancing' (video)
Last week, West Coast pop outfit We Are the City offered up a foot-shuffling new single called "Keep On Dancing." Laying it all down on the line, the trio have now offered up a new music video that features a horse, some gorgeous outdoor scenery, and, you guessed it, some dancing.

We'd previously become familiar with the tune's mix of rhythmic thumps, island rock guitar lines and pewter-smooth vocals. Now, we're treated to the sight of singer-keyboardist Cayne McKenzie parading around in various guises, from a sea-drawn figure in a ballroom gown, to a neon body paint-covered groover, to a saddle-lockled equestrian letting a horse pull off the fancy footwork in a soundstage. The rest of the band are also on hand to move, as well as thumb their nose at the Kardashians with some ironic street wear.

The video, delivered by Amazing Factory Productions, can be found below. Whether you choose to boogie along to the Kelowna-bred band's beat is entirely up to you.