Wayne Scott This Weary Way

Imagine turning 71 and recording your first album. That’s exactly what Wayne Scott has done thanks to the help of son Darrell, a regular session player and songwriter on the Nashville scene. At times, the elder Scott worked three jobs to support his five boys, so his musical aspirations always took a back seat to putting bread on the table. He always wrote though and finally these songs have come to fruition. Inspired by honky-tonk legends such as Hank Williams and Johnny Cash, Scott borrows the best rhythm and rhyme from these two country greats, while adding his own storied stamp. Relying on his myriad experiences and occupations for inspiration, Scott shows that you’re never too old to have a second career. Joined by a collection of seasoned Nashville players, including bassist Danny Thompson and drummer Kenny Malone, along with Darrell on electric guitar, This Weary Way is a fine collection of songs that long lay buried. With a weathered voice that sounds like aged whiskey, Scott’s voice begs you to listen to his "weary way.” One of the highlights is the opening duet with Guy Clark ("It’s the Whiskey That Eases the Pain”). "Sinner” sounds like it could be a long lost Man in Black b-side, while the title track is a heartfelt bluegrass ballad driven by Dirk Powell’s first-rate fiddle. The disc closes with an electric live version of Cash’s classic "Folsom Prison Blues.” Overall, This Weary Way is a great debut record that documents one man’s life journey. (Full Light)