Pino Donaggio's 'Tourist Trap' Soundtrack Gets Vinyl Reissue via Waxwork

Pino Donaggio's 'Tourist Trap' Soundtrack Gets Vinyl Reissue via Waxwork
The horror score-saluters at Waxwork Records are honestly trying to give you a heart attack this fall. If it weren't bad enough that the label is about to send the C.H.U.D.'s after us, it now reports that a whole bunch of creepy mannequin pantings are set to stream through speakers via a repress of composer Pino Donaggio's score to Tourist Trap.

Following a bit of online teasing, the label has now revealed that its tweaked-up version of Donaggio's score will be delivered this Friday (October 2). A soundtrack release had popped up around the same time the telekinetic slasher flick hit screens in 1979 but has been out-of-print for years and currently commands high prices on the resale market.

Waxwork has fully remastered the cues, further described as "a riveting, masterful work of retro horror soundscapes." The score is the first Donaggio would create for filmmaker David Schmoeller, who reached out to the Italian musician while he was scoring 1978's Piranha. Following his harpsichord- and strings-heavy work for Tourist Trap, Donaggio would go on to score Schmoeller's Crawlspace.

Most fitting to be pressed up by a label called Waxwork, Tourist Trap is a freaky psycho-horror that finds a group of young adults stranded at Old Man Slauson's off-highway gas station attraction of mannequins. Without spoiling the plot too much, there's plenty of skinny dipping, unrequested plaster parties, extra-marital woes and b-grade acting on display.

The deluxe Tourist Trap re-release comes pressed on "blood red" and "black swirl" vinyl, while the packaging includes liner notes from Donaggio and Schmoeller and brand new artwork from Marc Schoenbach of Sadist Art Designs. You'll find the skin-shivering cover up above, while pre-orders are available over here.

Tourist Trap - Original Soundtrack Recording:

1. Main Title
2. The Back Room
3. Someone's Watching
4. In The Pool
5. Love Theme / Shrine
6. Effeti Moog E Voci
7. Davey's Watlz
8. The Chase
9. Eileen's Death
10. Love Theme / Wife
11. A Visit To Davey's House
12. Mannequins
13. The Mannequins Come Forth
14. Heartburst
15. The Fight / Revelation
16. In The Water
17. Dreamwake
18. Escape
19. Stalking
20. Becky's Death
21. Mannequins On Guard
22. Love Theme / Confession
23. "Jerry" To The Rescue
24. Dance / Going Home
25. End Title