Waxwork to Treat 'Chopping Mall' and 'Creepshow' Soundtracks to Vinyl Reissues

Waxwork to Treat 'Chopping Mall' and 'Creepshow' Soundtracks to Vinyl Reissues
Coming off the recent deluxe LP reissue of Christopher Komeda's Rosemary's Baby score, the horror movie obsessives at Waxwork Records have now set their sights on upcoming soundtrack releases for '80s flicks Chopping Mall and Creepshow.

Though almost all the details are forthcoming, the imprint confirmed today (February 17) in a tweet that it has secured Chuck Cirino's score to Chopping Mall for an upcoming release. The score to the sci-fi/horror movie, which highlights the murderous rampage of a mall's security robots (or "killbots" as per the film's original title), appears not to have been given a proper soundtrack release in the '80s, but made its way onto a CD in 2008 that also featured Cirino's work on Deathstalker II.

Earlier this month, Waxwork announced the upcoming Creepshow release over Instagram. The George Romero-directed horror anthology, which featured shorts written by Stephen King, was scored by John Harrison. The score was treated to a vinyl release around the time the film hit screens in 1982 and was last pressed up on CD in 2003 by La-La Land Records.

You can sample the spooky, synth-and-chimes arrangement of the Creepshow theme down below, as well as the theme off Cirino's Chopping Mall.

This marks the second time Waxwork has reissued the work of Harrison, following the label's reissue of his 1985 score to zombie epic Day of the Dead last summer.

Details on both soundtracks, from due dates to tracklistings to artwork, have not yet been revealed.