Waxwork Details 'Chopping Mall' and 'Friday the 13th' Soundtrack Releases

Waxwork Details 'Chopping Mall' and 'Friday the 13th' Soundtrack Releases
Horror score suppliers Waxwork Records recently unveiled plans to bust out new soundtrack releases behind '80s flicks Chopping Mall and Friday the 13th, but the details were frighteningly few and far between at the time. Now, the label has given up all the gory goods, from street dates and tracklistings to cover art.

A press release confirms that Chuck Cirino's score to Chopping Mall is due July 29 in runs on 180-gram vinyl on fluorescent pink wax, neon yellow vinyl and neon green vinyl. The record will be housed in a heavyweight jacket with "film laminate gloss finish" featuring a fashionable new artwork from Australian artist duo We Buy Your Kids. See the cover above.

This is the first official pressing of the score, and the package includes liner notes from Cirino and screenwriter Steve Mitchell. The '80s cult flick focused on a local shopping mall protected by killer robots. You'll find a three-song preview of the score down below.

As previously announced, Waxworks' upcoming Friday the 13th LP marks the first official vinyl release for Harry Manfredini's full original score. A press release now notes that the original master tapes were recently discovered by Manfredini in the Paramount Pictures vaults and have been restored to preserve "one of the most iconic scores in the history of horror cinema."

The record arrives August 29, with vinyl variations including copies pressed onto "Woodland Green and Brown haze with Blood Splatter" coloured vinyl (a.k.a. "Camp Blood"), "Deep Murky Green" (a.k.a. "Crystal Lake") and a blood-filled vinyl version limited to 100 copies. The package also includes liner notes from film director Sean Cunningham and Manfredini, as well as artwork (see below) from Jay Shaw and Jacqui Oakley.

You'll find samples that scored Mrs. Voorhees's campground rampage at the bottom of the page.

Chopping Mall:

1. Main Title

2. Come Out And Play

3. Do They Kill Cockroaches?

4. Shopping Death

5. Showdown

6. Burning Terror

7. Running Rampant

8. Fergie's Dead

9. Zombiebot

10. The One In The Middle

11. Scary

12. Crawling Around

13. Love Theme

14. End Title

15. Have A Nice Day

16. Chopping Mall Suite

Friday the 13th:

1. Overlay of Evil / Main Title

2. Banjo Travelin'

3. Alice Goes To the Lake

4. Back Up to Annie Alone

5. Mrs. V Watches

6. Ralph In The Pantry

7. Don't Smoke In Bed

8. Not Tonight, I've Got A Headache

9. Brenda In Lights

10. The Bed Axe

11. Alice Runs To Cabin

12. Mrs. V Comes Clean

13. Alice Run To Light

14. The Last Fight / The Chop To The End

15. The Boat On The Water / Closing Theme 1 / Jason In The Lake

16. Closing Theme

17. Sail Away Tiny Sparrow