Wavves NOT "Mildly Sued" by Disney over "Mickey Mouse" Song Title, Forced to Change King of the Beach Tracklisting

Wavves NOT "Mildly Sued" by Disney over "Mickey Mouse" Song Title, Forced to Change <i>King of the Beach</i> Tracklisting
Today (August 3) marks the release of Wavves' anticipated and hugely debated third album, King of the Beach. Along with a ton of songs about the beach, weed and other points of slacker interest, the album includes a song called "Mickey Mouse." Now, the track has drawn heat from the Walt Disney Company, which has reportedly taken legal action against Wavves frontman Nathan Williams.

According to a live review from Spinner, Williams announced from a New York stage that he was being "mildly sued" by the Disney over "Mickey Mouse." Apparently, he said he has agreed to change the tracklisting of the future editions of King of the Beach, replacing the offending "Mickey Mouse" with an unused B-side.

Rather than leave it at that, Williams went on to write off the deceased Walt Disney as a racist. "Walt Disney was a Nazi," he said. "You go [to Disney World], you feel Nazi vibes. It's disgusting!"

Straight out of Wavves mouth: Garfield, weed references and Looney Tunes are still cool, but Disney characters are out.

UPDATE: As Pitchfork reports, Wavves' label Fat Possum has confirmed that the band are not getting sued by Disney. Apparently, it was all a joke. Or if you're a Wavves hater, nothing but a well-played publicity stunt to move more units of Kings of the Beach.