Wavves Developing Own Videogame

Wavves Developing Own Videogame
Since they've already got their fingers on the pulse of so many ADD-addled potheads with their poppy scuzz punk and constant weed worship, it's no surprise that Wavves will be aiding stoners in their recreational activities with the development of their own videogame.

"Remember when I said we were making a videogame? I wasn't lying," frontman Nathan Williams said in a tweet that also included the above image. "That's a very very early screen shot it will be bananas when it's done."

Pitchfork pointed to the following statement from Williams where he elaborates on the project:

All I can say for now is we are in the early stages of building levels and characters. The premise is sort of a nightmare and the majority of the game will play like [the 1984 Atari game] "Paperboy" on acid or early "Simpsons" NES titles... and remember in the original "Paperboy" you get chased by zombies, tornadoes, and death so this shit gets pretty wild. Our good friends at MISHKA are helping as well.

Here's hoping the band can deliver on such an ambitious project. It would be amazing to see a modern update of Bart's Nightmare.