WAVVES Announces Second Album Details

WAVVES Announces Second Album Details
Following up on our WAVVES write-up in last week's Click Hear, we've received some details on the upcoming new full-length by the hotly tipped lo-fi newcomer. But as the press release points out, it's all a bit confusing, so we're going to break this down nice and easy by shifting to point form. Here we go.

- First, as we previously reported, the totally sold-out self-titled debut by Nathan Williams' WAVVES (aka a self-proclaimed "Seinfeld-loving, skateboard-obsessed San Diegan") is now being repressed in CD and LP form, and is again available to order here courtesy of Woodsist.

- Second, WAVVES' forthcoming follow-up album is being dubbed WAVVVES (notice that extra "V" setting it apart from album one, WAVVES).

- Third, not only do both records have almost identical titles, their album covers are also very, very similar.

- Fourth, WAVVVES, not WAVVES, is due out February third on De Stijl.

- And finally, if WAVVVES is anything like its predecessor, it will be awesome.

Okay, now that we're all clear on what's going on with Williams' album activities, we'll go straight to the WAVVVES tracklisting:

1. "Rainbow Everywhere"
2. "Sun Opens My Eyes"
3. "Get in the Sun"
4. "Jetplane (Staying on a )"
5. "No Hope Kids"
6. "More Fur"
7. "So Bored"
8. "Summer Goth"
9. "Surf Goth"
10. "Goth Girls"
11. "Ghost Ramp"
12. "Killr Punx"
13. "Scary Demons"

WAVVES "So Bored" (live)