Main Stage, Toronto Island ON, June 12

WavvesMain Stage, Toronto Island ON, June 12
Photo: Rick Clifford

With a drummer who seemed like he should be in a metal band, a bassist who appeared to be playing an entirely different show to the rest of the band and a lead guitarist sporting a luminous yellow guitar, Wavves made for an odd mix. Strange brew or no, their Bestival set was chock full of verve from start to finish. Some super-fast drumming and plenty of distortion finally made the Main Stage a place of interest, as Wavves drew the first big crowd of the day.

Their set was heavily reliant on their 2013 album, Afraid of Heights, from which "Demon to Lean On" was one of the show's high points. For a brief few minutes it was like being transported back to a Pixies concert, as the track's vocal harmonies and infectious guitar rang out across the festival. While Wavves' affecting material was a joy to experience, it was their harder songs that made the performance great. The catchy "Lunge Forward" and "King of the Beach" were hugely energetic. They succeeded in starting the day's first mosh pit, as many fans let loose and finally embraced the mud.

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