Wavves "King of the Beach" (video)

Wavves 'King of the Beach' (video)
While stoner beach punk Nathan Williams has been dropping a ton of new Wavves material on us lately (remember "TV Luv Song" and "Horse Shoes"?), let's not forget that it hasn't even been a year since the fuzzed-out popsters dropped their latest full-length King of the Beach. A new video for its punky title cut serves as a reminder that we should give the disc another spin.

Early on in the clip, Williams is poised to be the king of the couch, lounging at his pad with his cat while playing some Xbox soccer. Sporting a crown, the musician makes his way out of the house and onto the beach, but not before wreaking a bit of havoc.

Printing up some album-cover-themed counterfeit bills, the rocker buys some gold chains and hits up a food stand on the way to the ocean. He knocks a kid over, heads to a car to huff out of a giant bong and walks to the water with a Taz floaty by the time the clip is done. All in a day's work for our favourite slacker, we suppose. Check out the vid below.