Watters Brothers Rock and Roll Mansion

As smaller Canadian cities like Calgary, Edmonton and London have impressed of late with their eclectic musical output, Ottawa has been stuck in a vacuum of trad and roots rock. O-Town bros Danny and Muddy Watters bring their musical project, the Watters Brothers, to the shipyard, exporting their brand of garage-lite rhythms, tightly packaged boogie rock and tried'n'true licks. Their third LP, Rock and Roll Mansion, finds the duo adding a few new ingredients, with multi-instrumentalist Danny peppering songs like "Falling Off the World" and the aptly titled "Synthesizer City" with single finger synth-lines and one-two-two drum machine accents. But despite their ambition, songs like "Last Underground" and "Big Guns" come off so by-the-books that they would sound better in a Telus ad than in your playlist. Luckily, the Watters Brothers back up the rock with enduring energy and charisma. The album is called Rock and Roll Mansion ― don't say they didn't warn you. (Independent)