Watchmaker Kill.Fucking.Everyone

The laudable sentiment of Watchmaker’s sophomore effort, Kill.Fucking.Everyone, would be cartoon-ish if you didn’t get the sense that this band of Boston misanthropes mean it with every ounce of their being. And they do, unquestionably. Kill.Fucking.Everyone is pure musical malevolence without respite; it is abuse. Offering nearly half an hour of unmitigated hatred, Kill.Fucking.Everyone is a relentless assault of old school thrash, nascent black metal, distorted power-violence and demonic vocals unleashing undecipherable condemnations. Watchmaker eschew technical precision for raw emotion, and its sloppiness doesn’t so much as harm it as make it more grating. Of course, all this hostility and abuse comes at a price: there is little variation in songs and Kill.Fucking.Everyone comes across like a near half-hour song, which makes it a chore to sit through and slightly diminishes the overall impact of the project. Slower breaks and noise segments offer brief respite but the kill-crazy rampage seldom wavers, ploughing along, rending everything it comes in contact with. Watchmaker’s sound of unmitigated misanthropy is unquestionably harsh, but it wouldn’t hurt to stop and admire the body count from time to time. (Willowtip)