Watch This Keyboard Player Get (Literally) Possessed by the Music

Watch This Keyboard Player Get (Literally) Possessed by the Music
If countless M.O.R. indie rock bands have taught us anything over the years, it's that being a static statue of a human onstage is never a good thing. However, as one insanely over-enthusiastic keyboard player has just shown us, doing the exact opposite can yield some rather frightening — though amazing — results.

Playing as part of the Boston Crusaders Drum and Bugle Corps, a keyboard player recently took to the field for a performance, and as you can see in the video below, she was definitely feeling it — big time.

Looking like some possessed version of Game of Thrones evil boy king Joffrey, she totally owns it in the video, rolling those eyes way back, gnashing her chompers and beasting it in the most awesomely intense way imaginable.

Honestly, we're in complete awe.

Get taken in by this keyboard player's powerful spell below courtesy of the folks at Mashable and the great wide world of Reddit.